About me.

My name is Alex and I’m 20, I live in Liverpool where I go to university :)

Are you gay?


How long have you had tumblr?

About 2 years I think?

Do you have skype/kik/facebook?

I have facebook but i don’t really give it out i like to keep my facebook for family and close friends 

What size are you tunnels?

They’re both 14mm

How long did it take to do them?

Literally about 2 months I don’t know if that’s slow or fast but yeah I did it as fast as I could without getting any blow outs.

Do you have any tattoos/piercings?

I have a few piercings but not many just normal ones and two tattoos 

If I send you a submission will you send one back?

Honestly? I’d like to say it depends how I’m feeling but I don’t think I’ve ever sent one back so far ! :(

Will you check out my blog?/ How many blogs do you follow?

Yes and about 200 but I want to follow more I’m just lazy

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